Foxton Granta CC - Overseas Players

Donal Whyte (Australia) 2019 Season

The English Summer of 2019 provided me with a once in a lifetime opportunity to play for Foxton Cricket Club. For the 6 months that I was there, I can safely say that I have made memories and friends that I will cherish forever. From the moment I arrived I was welcomed by the friendliest community and immediately felt at home. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is considering coming over to England, you wont regret going to the Foxes.

Foxton is an ideal location for any overseas player of any capacity. With a 5 minute walk to the train station, a 15 minute ride into Cambridge and an hour into London it is the most convenient of places for travel. On top of this it is a short train journey to the airport where you can find flights to all over Europe. Besides travel, the cricket community is amazing. This is a testament to the work that both Matt and John Gray put into making sure the grounds and players are looked after. These two and the whole committee made sure that I was looked after both on and off the field. Whether that be lifts to games or finding work the club made sure that I wasn’t wanting for anything and were always more than happy to help with any problems that arose.

The cricket side of things was an unbelievable experience to further my cricket game and develop my skills. The competition is very strong with a very high standard of players and teams as well playing on some of the best grounds around Cambridge (none better than Foxton itself). There are a great bunch of lads there who love cricket and everything about it, as well being able to have some fun off the field.

I would again like to thank everyone amongst the Foxton Cricket community who made my stay a breeze especially John and Matt Gray. Without their commitment to making sure everyone is well looked after, the club wouldn’t be anywhere near as strong as it is. Finally, to anyone interested in a season over in the UK, I couldn’t recommend Foxton enough and highly encourage you to get in contact with the club - you won’t regret it!

Up the Foxes,

Don Whyte

Aaron McElhinney & Hayden Brown (Australia) 2018 Season

Liam Lofts (Australia) 2017 Season

Daniel Brown (Australia, UK Qualified) 2017 Season

Six months living overseas to play a season of cricket for Foxton CC was an amazing experience on and off the field. The Foxton cricket community gave me the opportunity to live overseas, playing a competitive level of cricket with some great players which became great mates and to experience working overseas for Munro's. Living in the nice country village in Meldreth gave me easy access to Cambridge and London with access to trains 5mins from home.
Foxton CC was more of a community than just a team. Everyone supported each other and they definitely made the overseas players feel at home. Playing cricket with a great bunch of blokes led to a successful season.
Having work in Cambridge for Munro's gave me the opportunity to live life comfortably while living there. This also gave opportunities to do a bit of travel through Europe mid week.
Six months with Foxton CC turned out to be an amazing all round experience.
Best Wishes 
Daniel Brown 

Yannick Elliott (Jamaica) 2016 Season

Matty Treuberg (Australia) 2015 and 2016 Seasons

Henry Hunter (New Zealand, UK Qualified)  2013, 2014 and 2015 Seasons

Angus Schaw (New Zealand) 2014 Season

Andrew Kealy (Australia) 2012 and 2013 Seasons

Tom Stone (Zimbabwe, UK Qualified) Visitor 2012

PJ Moor (Zimbabwe)2011 Season

John Procajlo (Australia) 2010 Season

2010 The Year of JP


The English summer of 2010 provided me with the opportunity to represent the Foxton Cricket Club as their overseas player. I can honestly say that the six months I spent with the club were the most enjoyable days of my life. From the moment I arrived on the shores of England, Ed Carpenter (Secretary & Treasurer) & the rest of the team, made me feel extremely welcome.

I have memories from my time with Foxton that I will cherish for the rest of my life. Foxton is ideally positioned for any overseas player a short five minute drive to beautiful Cambridge & a short forty minute train ride to London. The facilities that were provided to me by Foxton allowed me to further enhance and develop my game, in a very enjoyable environment. Matt Gray’s tireless work on the Foxes home track provides the opportunity to play cricket on the best ground in the Cambridge area. The social & off field side of Foxton Cricket club also certainly doesn’t disappoint. A very proud & encouraging village always made me feel welcome and apart of the big Foxton family. The outstanding local pub (The white horse) was a consent during the summer & the majority of the side spent endless nights their enjoying each other’s company, and celebrating memorable victories.

I can say with no hesitation that any overseas player could not find a better club in all of England to represent. Both Matt Gray, Ed Carpenter & the rest of Foxton treated me like one of them and for that I am eternally grateful. You will challenge yourself every Saturday against some of the best local & international cricketers in the Cambridge region & then by night you will be swept away by the local social fun & festivities.

Wishing the Foxes all the best in the coming years,

John Procajlo

Antonnel Atwell (Guyana) 2007/2008 Seasons

Jason Benn (Guyana) 2005/2006 Seasons

I've had two very enjoyable and successful seasons while playing at Foxton CC. During my two seasons, the club made sure that I was well looked after both on and off the field. They have got a very good support system for overseas players who are interested in coming to the UK to gain some experience and exposure in order to improve their game. The standard of cricket is good, the lads play their cricket very hard to maintain the high standards set by club, but also strike the balance of having a good time off the pitch as well (especially a night out in Cambridge, pleasant memories ;-)). The senior and executive members of the club (epecially guys like Matt Gray and Ed Carpenter) are great people because they go the extra mile to make sure that everyone is treated fairly and kept happy. I'm sure if anyone is lucky enough to be the overseas player at Foxton CC this season and in future seasons, they will have a terrific experience and it would only impact positively on their cricket as well their all-round development.
Thanks again Foxton CC.
Best wishes,

Ceon Thomas and Patrick Joseph( Guyana) 2004 Season

    L-R      P. Joseph,   C Thomas ,    J Benn

Will Molewa (South Africa) 2003 Season